CASH OR CHECK ONLY – Payment at pick up.

This year we have a few options and here is how the process works:
1- Choose your option from those below.
2- Send us an email with your option of choice and ONE photo of your child and their name. If there is a problem with the photo we will contact you and ask for another. This pricing is based off of ONE photo option and proof unless there is a problem with the resolution of the file.

At that point we will put in your child’s photo and name into our template, and you will get an email proof. You will then OK that proof, and we produce the option of your choice. You will pay at pick up CASH OR CHECK ONLY.

Senior Options Include

24″X24″ Vinyl Banner – Fabric material with grommets. 25.00
24″X24″ Plastic Board – Plastic backed printed with template art with grommets. 28.00

24″x36″ Vinyl Banner – fabric material with grommets. 37.50
24″X36″ Plastic Board – plastic backed printed with art with grommets. 40.00

Please note this pricing is based on using the template and is NOT our standard pricing. This is special SENIOR NIGHT sign pricing. Our standard banners and signs are a different fee.

Custom Art Fee (whatever design you share that you like that you want us to replicate) – 15.00

COVID-19 Regulations
* We follow Madison County and NYS Guidelines for masking in our location. As of August 2021, Madison County has requested that masks be worn indoors again. You will see our sign up with our request for the same. Our staff is masked to keep all safe.


You can place orders via phone, in person or via email. Email is the fastest best way – office@bearpawprinting.com

Be aware when ordering:

  1. If the stock you are ordering is not in house and needs ordering we are experiencing (sometimes significant) DELAYS due to Covid in delivery of stock. Please leave your timeline an extra 3-5 business days for non-standard stock orders. Please do understand this is OUT OF OUR CONTROL. The suppliers are slow and may not even have the stock themselves. Some stocks may take even longer than that. There are some stocks that are no longer in production during COVID or at this time as well. Please plan to consider alternative stocks, or something on hand for your job. We stock many papers.
  2. If you are ordering something outsourced there are also many delays with shipping and production times. There may be an additional 5-7 business day delay in receiving your order. Please plan accordingly.
  3. If you are requesting a set up (design) of an item that is a PUBLIC EVENT, and the item being ordered would NOT be picked up if the event were cancelled we are REQUIRING A COMPLETE DEPOSIT ON THE SET UP FEE BEFORE STARTING THE JOB.
    If you have given an OK to print PRIOR TO EVENT CANCELLATION: If your job is complete, partially complete or being run at the time of cancellation you or your group are RESPONSIBLE FOR FULL PAYMENT OF THE COMPLETED ITEMS (or the cost of the partially completed items).
    We do understand in these difficult times that many things change daily with COVID status. However, once an item is ordered to go to print, full payment is required for completed work regardless of the event status. This is something to keep in mind to have a plan for the completed item to be used still even if the event isn’t running.

About Bear Paw Printing

Bear Paw Printing was established by Peter and Colleen Hilts in 1997. Peter has been in the printing business since 1971. As a family owned business, Bear Paw Printing strives to produce the best quality product and good customer service.

Our Web site shows a variety of products that we provide our customers. We do many custom print jobs. Be sure to contact us by phone or email to find out what we can do for you. We want to make sure you get the service you need.

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